Do you want to get paid to go on vacation?

In 2009, one man did exactly that. As part of a marketing campaign, Tourism Australia created ‘the best job in the world’. They called on applicants for a caretaker role on Hamilton Island. Englishman Ben Southall was lucky enough to snag the job which paid AUS $150,000 for six months in a rent-free villa.

As Anthony Hayes (Chief Executive of Tourism Queensland) explained, “We are looking for someone to tell the stories of the Great Barrier Reef and we have come up with what we think is the dream job”.

Tourism Australia ran this competition again in 2013, but this dream job seems just that: a dream.

So how do you get the best job in the world?

Figuring out the 'best' job in the world, is of course subjective. 

What makes you tick?
Hamilton Island Image credit: Hamilton Island Media

Dr Sam Prince shares a story that I believe outlines everything you need to start living your dream.

The story is about Argentina, vintage cars and following your dreams.

This is set in a suburban car park where I was actually buying some groceries and putting it in the back of my car.

Next to my car was this old, vintage car and just next to this car, was this little old backpack and I thought that the backpack belonged to the car but I wasn’t quite sure. So I left a note which said that I had the backpack, give me a call if it’s yours… and so I took it.

Later that day I got a phone call and they said indeed it is my backpack, can you return it. So when I came back to return the backpack,this guy comes out from nowhere and says “Hi! My name is Herman and this, pointing to his wife, is my wife Candy and my dream is to take that vintage car from Argentina to Alaska”. And I thought, wow! What an amazing way to introduce yourself.

And I said you know I’d love to take you out to dinner and learn more about you and your life. And so he told me about this epic journey. He actually completed his dream of travelling from Argentina to Alaska.

And I asked him probably the same questions that you’d ask him, if you were sitting across the table from him at dinner. I said how did you do it? Did you have a lot of money? And he said "no". I said you must be like an adventurer, wrestling alligators with your bare hands. And he said "err no". I said,
"Well how did you do it?” “How did you get through this with no money, no shelter and no experience and he said,
"simple… whenever I came across a stranger along the way I’d say, Hi, my name’s Herman and his is my wife Candy and my dream is to take this vintage car from Argentina to Alaska."

There’s something very powerful about that. When you actually say this, people who are not chasing their dreams want to live vicariously through you and are willing to help you in any way. Because, Herman and his wife Candy did get help, all across the Americas until they achieved their dream. 
Herman's car crossing the Amazon river Image: Herman
That is how you get the best job in the world.

Herman had a powerful vision and limited resources but was able to enrol others in his idea. Some may call him a leader or an entrepreneur. I believe Herman is both of those things. But, he is also just another human being in some ways. Every single one of us has dreams, goals and aspirations.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, share them.

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NB: Also, if tourism Australia wants to run this competition again, consider this my formal application. 

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