How do you start something with nothing?


“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking” 
- Albert Einstein

How do you create something out of thin air? Sound crazy? Join me on my journey to discover how to create something out of nothing.

Last week I was set a new assignment. Split into teams, each team was given $5. We were then asked to grow this seed funding within 4 weeks. Given the small sum of money we had to work with our team decided the best option was not to use the $5 at all. Instead with absolutely nothing, we would be forced to get creative. 

Envelope containing $5

We need cash fast. Being restricted to $5 creates the impression of limited resources. From bake sales to lemonade stands there are appears to be only a few ways you can spend the money. As a team however, we’ve chosen instead to focus on using our other resource: ourselves. Roll out phase one.

Phase 1:
Students get hungry. Students are time-poor. The mighty force of market-pull was strong. ‘Halls Delivery’ was born. Halls Delivery caters to the population of students living on campus. Tired and hungry, we service students who require deliveries. We endeavour to meet student’s needs from supplying groceries to providing treats from McDonald’s. So far so good, we have made some profit and are now looking to reinvest in other ventures. Keep an eye out for part two of this blog post, which will detail our performance at the end of the assignment.

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