On Mindfulness and Creativity


When CEOs are asked when they think of their best ideas a common response is in the shower. This appears surprising at first. Surely, sticky notes and drawing boards and the best ways to brainstorm and come up with creative solutions? But the fact is that the best solutions are usually found when we’re not thinking about our problem at all.

Why is that?  

Let it go. Let it out. by Michael Leunig
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On a daily basis adult life is showered by a firehose of demands. After a while work and life seem to blend into one and it can be difficult to find clarity. Whilst helping individuals become more self-aware and lowering stress levels, mindfulness can also be used to enhance creativity. Filtering out the white noise of your mind helps make room for new and innovative thoughts and solutions.

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Mindfulness is helpful in every aspect of life. This also applies to creativity. The value of mindfulness is increasingly being recognised by corporates who encourage their employees to take up the practice. Google even ‘has an in house mindfulness program called'Search inside Yourself' and has built a labyrinth for mindful walkingmeditations’.
Meditation however is a skill that takes a lifetime(s) to master. There are always new classes, apps or videos looking to help people master the art. Recently, adult colouring books have shot to popularity. They’ve even made it to Amazon’s current best seller list. Is this just a craze or something more meaningful?

Filling in intricate templates can be surprisingly soothing. Adults are increasingly taking time out of their busy day to enjoy the creativity and freedom to enjoy a bit of colouring. It’s so easy to get caught up with the ins and outs of daily life that colouring could be one way of making time for self-reflection.

For busy entrepreneurs it may seem difficult to schedule yet another thing into an already busy day. Mindfulness however is something that can be practised every moment of our waking life. Walking, breathing and now colouring can be used to tune out white noise and better connect with yourself.

Steve Jobs on mindfulness:

“Your mind just slows down, and you see 

a tremendous expanse in the moment. You 

see so much more than you could see before.”

I’d like to hear your thoughts on embracing creativity. 

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