$5 Challenge PART II


How do you start something with nothing?

This is part II of my post on the $5 challenge. If you haven’t read my first post click here.
Last time, I left off we had just rolled out phase 1 of the $5 challenge: Halls Delivery. What seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, quickly created headaches for our team. We had overlooked a fundamental flaw in our business plan. Whilst we had been driven by the strong need for such a service on campus we had overlooked our limited resources.
With only three people in our team, we soon realised that the delivery system was unsustainable. What would happen if we couldn’t keep up with demand? We soon found out. A challenge that we failed to foresee was that the $5 challenge was not a full-time job. Unfortunately, delivery orders clashed with part-time work, football training sessions and other aspects of daily life.

Phase 2.

Phase 1 didn’t work out as hoped, so it was back to the drawing board. We came up with a number of entrepreneurial ideas but were bounced back by time constrains and the red tape associated with making money at university. So we turned to fundraising. This Thursday we will be holding a movie fundraiser. This will come at minimal cost to us as hosts and will go some way to helping charity ‘OzHarvest’.

Stay tuned for the final installment in this series, when I reveal how we created something out of nothing in four weeks.

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