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This year I have the privilege of being a part of the Deans’ Student Advisory Committee. Composed of a group of postgraduate and undergraduate students, our mission is to identify and bring to attention areas in which the Faculty of Science can improve students' university experience.

I remember applying to the position gushing over the fact that this opportunity existed at all. I think it is fantastic that students are given the opportunity to voice their concerns. It’s a shame this tool isn’t being fully utilised. 

The committee is struggling to find its creativity. There is certainly room to improve within the Faculty or we would be the best in the world. 

But why is it so hard to identify problem areas?

At the moment, we’re struggling to define the problems we’d like to create solutions to.

There are many great initiatives that the Faculty has put in place to enhance the student learning experience. 

Many faculties are trialling the ‘flipped classroom model’, where students learn content at home, before getting concepts clarified in lectures. 

The science faculty also runs ‘IDEA’ experiments, which puts experimentation in the hands of students as they work in groups to design their own experiments. We are also lucky enough to have several collaborative learning spaces where students can gather to solve problems in a creative and stimulating environment. The university also offers peer assisted study sessions where older students guide first year through their coursework facilitating the transition from high school to university.

One of the main barriers to innovation that we are facing is that students are satisfied with their experience. Sure university is doing a great job, but how can we enhance our university experience?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts and ideas on this issue.

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Until next time, be unreasonable.


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